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  1. What is a load cell?

Floor load sensor is an equipment system integrated on each Genie forklift, to control loads on the working platform, alert the operator if overloaded, and stop equipment or limit the functionality of device.

Load cells have been available on Genie devices sold in Europe in accordance with the CE standard – version EN-280-2001. Recently, XC model booms sold in North America also feature a load sensing system to set the operating range.

When new ANSI and CSA standards are adopted, all Genie booms and scissors in North America will be equipped with load cells. Only devices that begin to be manufactured after the application of the standard are required. In addition, this does not apply to the AWP family of equipment.

  1. Load limit systems

Currently, Genie lifting devices are using a slightly different sensor system for each product line. On the forklift truck the load limit is determined by the pressure sensor mounted on the lifting cylinder combined with the signal of the angle sensor mounted at the position of connecting the working floor and the scissor bar to produce results. the most exactly.

The newer boom models use a load cell system that is tightly mounted on the work platform. The XC devices use signals from these sensing systems in combination with a base mounted tilt sensor and top angle sensor to determine load limits and control range of operations.

Some smaller booms, like the Z34 / 22 N electric forklift, use a mechanical structure that incorporates displacement restraint to limit the load on the floor.

All these systems ensure accurate floor load results.

  1. Maintenance / Refinement / Operation

The “Operating Instructions” will guide the operation and limitations of the load cell system. With the XC series, the operator must be particularly familiar with the parameters within the operating range.

Periodically check and maintain the load limit system and operating range in accordance with the book “Maintenance Guide”. Refining procedure is done according to the book “Repair Instructions”.

Regardless of the system equipment you own, you need the right knowledge to operate, inspect and fine-tune it for safe operation at all times.

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