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Schema of introducing self-propelled forklifts

Self-propelled forklift truck (MEWP) at a glance

In order to help customers choose the right equipment while renting a self-propelled forklift, we would like to introduce a number of types of vehicles for rent. Then, we will present the features that you need to know in order to hire the self-propelled forklift in an optimal way for your needs.

What is MEWP?

MEWP is a self-propelled man-lifting device, there are a number of other names such as: air-operated equipment, vertical forklift, scissor truck, …

What is a scissor?

  • The scissor is a vertical lifting device with hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical lifting mechanism.
  • Scissor trucks are named according to the “scissor” design mechanism.
  • Vehicles equipped with one of the engines: oil, electric and a combination of both.
  • We have two types of scissor vehicles: mobile or stationary.

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What is a boom car?

  • It is a human forklift.
  • A “boom” forklift of course uses a “boom” to lift people.
  • Initially, they were designed for use in orchards.
  • They are fitted with one of the following motor types: electric, diesel and a combination of the two.

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What is Push-Around Vehicle?

  • The vertical push-pull type (PAV) provides a stable, stable, and non-movable work platform.
  • They are often used at low work loads.

push Around Vehicle 4

Main features of MEWP – How to choose a MEWP that best suits the job requirements?

To rent self-propelled lifting equipment, please specify work requirements such as:

– Working height – what height do you need to work at?

– Reach – how far do you need to reach?

– Load capacity – How much total weight do you need to lift?

– Ground – some self-propelled forklifts are equipped with a 4 x 4 feature so they can work well on rough or worse surfaces.

– The ability to rotate the floor – allows to adjust the floor above.

– Steering angle – allows to control the vehicle in tight spaces.

– Vehicle height – will the MEWP fit through the doorway or entrance to the worksite?

– Vehicle weight – can the constructional floor load withstand the weight of the MEWP?

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