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Although it has just been imported to Vietnam for about 20 years, forklifts have gradually become popular. However, not everyone knows all types of forklifts as well as the applications that the forklift can bring in work and daily life. In this article, let Vietnam Rental learn the basics of forklifts.

  1. Definition of human forklift

Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (MEWPs for short) are collectively known in English as: Mobile Elevating Working Platforms. This is a general definition for specialized equipment to bring people with some tools up high or reach difficult-to-reach areas.

To differentiate them from cranes and forklifts are designed to lift a certain load, usually less than 1 ton, to ensure operator safety. To differentiate it from permanent and fixed lifting equipment, such as hoists or elevators, forklifts are designed and often used for flexible and temporary tasks such as: Court cleaning home, factory maintenance, construction, greenery environment or in emergency purposes such as overhead fire.

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Personnel forklifts are often designed to be operated by a single person, in order to minimize the number of workers required. Some equipment is equipped with specialized tools to carry and install non-heavy materials such as: glazing, wall, pipe fitting, wooden bar, …

Other names (English):

  • Aerial divices: equipment for working in the air
  • AWPs (Aerial Working Platforms): An overhead work platform
  • EWPs (Elevated Working Platforms): Elevated Working Platforms.

In Vietnam, human lifts are commonly known with names such as human lifts, scissors, boom lifts, mobile lifts,….

Although quite popularly used today, the human forklift has only been around since the 1960s.

Learn about the history of the forklift truck here.

  1. Classification of human forklifts

Classification by lifting structure:

The most common way to classify forklifts is according to the lifting structure, which is divided into 3 main categories:

  • Boom lift (Boom Lifts)
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Mast Lifts

Scissor forklift:

Scissor lift, also known as scissor forklift or scissor forklift, is a common name to refer to the line of vertical lift trucks operating under the pantograph scissor lift mechanism, i.e. using The same “X”-shaped bars are in succession and often use hydraulic systems to lift a working platform into the air. Some scissor lifters have an extended floor area, but usually no more than 1 meter, to increase the working floor area, helping the floor worker to work more flexibly.

Two types are battery powered scissor forklifts for indoor work, flat surface, and diesel powered scissor forklifts for outdoor applications or rough terrain areas.

Learn more about the scissor forklift.

Some pictures of scissor forklift:

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Boom lift:

The boom lift is a common name for many types of structural lifts that need to be connected in a folded form such as the shape of the arm or the form of interlocking tubes to connect between the working floor and the base. the device is below. Basically, this structure is quite similar to a crane, with a working platform for people to work with, replacing the hook.

The boom lift is divided into two smaller types:

  • Articultated Boom Lifts
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts

The most prominent distinguishing feature of the boom lift compared to other models is the great horizontal reach. This allows the operator to not only lift, but also reach and reach difficult-to-reach locations, or even some equipment with negative reach, allowing the operator to reach the positions. located below the surface where the appliance is standing, such as under a bridge, or below the surface of the pit.

Power supplies, there are boom lifts that use electric energy from batteries (small folds of human lifts) and boom lifters that use engines (diesel, gasoline, gas).

Interestingly, the boom lift is often referred to as the Cherry Picker due to its popularity in the beginning of fruit harvesting.

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Vertical pillar forklift

Vertical Mast Lift (or it can be called Hotel Lift) is the common name of compact, compact lifting equipment, using mechanical structures to lift through rails, cables. or gears etc. They are usually designed with low loads, and most don’t have an extended floor. With a compact design, easy access to tight areas, this type of forklift is often used for indoor tasks such as hotel maintenance, shopping centers, hospitals, …

Some pictures of vertical pillar human lifts.


  1. Application of human forklifts

With the advantage of simple and fast installation and operation, along with the ability to reach difficult to reach areas, the human forklift is used in many different fields, such as:

– Industrial Construction (Factory, Warehouse, Industrial Park)

– Civil Construction (Office Building, Showroom, Trade Center, Stadium …)

– Shipbuilding industry

– Factory Maintenance, Hotel, Building, Hospital, Theme Park

– Cleaning and decoration of the Building

– Construction of airports, bridges, ports, bridges, traffic tunnels, ..

– Aviation industry

– Pruning green trees

Some application images of forklifts:

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  1. Address of providing reputable forklifts.

Today, the use of forklifts is very popular. Therefore, choosing a reputable and quality equipment supplier is very important, because due to the high working nature, just a small mistake in the quality of the equipment can cause difficult consequences. measure.

Genie firm (USA) is the largest manufacturer of forklifts in the world. With a history of more than 50 years of establishment and development, the company has constantly developed and produced high quality forklifts with the most advanced technology on the market. Genie forklifts are very popular in the market, because of their durability, less breakdowns, and, importantly, high safety.

đội dịch vụ Vietnam Rental

Vietnam Rental – Tuyet Nga Company Limited is the official dealer of Genie Lift (USA) . We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of specialized lifting equipment, and have been providing Genie forklifts service to famous corporations in the country and the world such as Pepsico, ABB, Intel, Bridgestone, Vinamilk, Samsung, Yamaha, Coteccons … and major projects such as Vinfast, Samsung Display Bac Ninh, Samsung Electronic Thai Nguyen, LG Hai Phong, Nestle Hung Yen, Heiniken Vung Tau, Nghi Son Refinery Project, Toyota Vinh Phuc, Cam Ranh Airport …

Vietnam Rental prides itself on possessing the largest and most modern facilities and warehouses in Vietnam in the lifting equipment industry, with 3 main facilities in the city. Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, along with mobile branches located all over the country, we are always ready to respond to all needs of our customers quickly and promptly.

Contact information:

Hotline: 1900 6553

Email: vietnamrental@tuyetnga.com.vn



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