Currently on the market there are many brands of forklifts, but Genie forklifts are much more appreciated due to their advantages such as high durability, easy operation, easy maintenance and less error. born when used. Vehicle originated from the US, with the function of solving overhead jobs and meeting human needs, saving time, labor, and cost significantly.


Genie forklifts assist people to search for detailed information and instructions for use of each type via the Internet through the serial number of each machine. Therefore, this is the popular brand name and is the perfect choice for each business.

Each Genie forklift has its own function, suitable for different work characteristics. For each height and construction characteristics, people choose the right line of forklifts to achieve maximum work efficiency. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary risks, people need to choose the right line of human forklifts.


2.1 Genie scissor forklift


Genie scissor forklift is a line of human lift trucks with compact design, ziczac shape, to help bring people or objects to a certain height. The outstanding feature of this product line is that the vehicle operates smoothly, easily to move, serving both indoor and outdoor work. In addition, this model runs mainly on electricity, so it does not harm the environment.


Some applications of Genie scissor forklifts: lifting goods, cleaning buildings, transporting goods in warehouses, yards, …


2.2 Genie forklift Z-BOOM type


Genie Z-BOOM human forklift has a Z-shaped design, allowing people or goods to lift to any position, ideal reach. In addition, owning 4 wheels, supporting driving on all terrains, forklifts ensure almost absolute safety.


Vehicles powered by diesel engine, high performance, challenging all difficult conditions from terrain and environment.


Some applications of ZBOOM Genie forklifts are mainly to deal with outdoor tasks in buildings, aircraft cleaning, cargo dismantling, …


2.3 Genie Boom Straight S-Boom


Genie S-Boom type human forklift for working height from 20 to 43m. In addition, the vehicle can also flexibly change the height depending on the needs of people, adjusted according to the nature of the job.


Application of Genie S-Boom human forklift is used in outdoor work, requiring maximum height, ensuring high safety for users.

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GOOD SERVICE: We are proud to be a unit with a team of consultants who are knowledgeable, experienced, with enthusiasm, ready to advise, answer all customers’ questions to choose the right product. as well as instructions for use for each type. Alternatively, if you intend to make a purchase, the direct trial policy can be used before making a decision.


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