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    1. Overview of human forklifts

    Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) are used to bring people to a certain height to perform work. This is a modern equipment to replace the outdated and unsafe construction methods such as scaffolding, ladders, …

    In general, the human forklift has advantages compared with other popular construction methods as follows:

    • High productivity
    • Use less manpower to operate
    • Quick installation time.
    • High safety

    Regarding the classification of forklifts, it can be classified into 3 main groups:

    • Scissor Lift
    • Boom Lift
    • Mast Lift

    Among them, the scissor forklift and boom type forklift is the most popular.

    1. The introduction of forklifts in Vietnam.

    Worldwide, the human forklift appeared around the 1960s in the US, and then gradually popularized to many countries because of the great applications that it brings.

    But it was not until the early 2000s that forklifts were gradually creeping in and out of Vietnam. However, this period due to the high cost of owning equipment compared to most companies in Vietnam, and the absence of rental companies, plus cheap labor costs, people still use scaffolding mainly.

    In the period 2006-2010, with the boom of shipbuilding in Vietnam, human forklifts became essential in building ships of large to very large tonnage, especially the line of human forklifts. boom with a working height of up to 41 meters. This period was also the emergence of the first person forklift rental companies. With the emergence of these companies, the cost of using a human forklift in construction becomes significantly cheaper, while the productivity of the job is greatly increased. Since then, forklifts have gradually become more known.

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In the period of 2010 up to now, the real boomer forklift has become gradually familiar and used in most fields: industrial construction; civil construction; airport construction; factory, building, and amusement park maintenance; cleaning, decorating the building; pruning, … There are several reasons for this boom:

  • With the entry of many forklift manufacturers, forklift rental companies have made the cost of owning or renting forklift trucks significantly reduced compared to the previous period.
  • Labor costs increase, and the use of machines to replace human power will be more economical.
  • Along with the development of science – technology and socio – economy, standards for progress, work efficiency and occupational safety will be higher. Construction methods such as scaffolding, ladders will become outdated and no longer meet these requirements.

  1. The appearance of the poor quality forklift

With the rapid development of the passenger forklift market, bringing many units and companies to this market. To compete for profits, many companies sell or lease poor quality equipment. These equipment are either from poor manufacturers, or are from well-known brands with high equipment life, poor equipment condition due to lack of regular maintenance or maintenance. the safety feature is broken or is no longer compliant with today’s safety standards. The use of low-quality forklifts is considered cheap but not cheap at all, when these devices can fail at any time, interrupt work, could result in a penalty, or more dangerous There is a potential risk of an accident for the operator.

So need to find reputable and genuine addresses to buy forklifts.

  1. Vietnam Rental – Representative of Genie forklift company in Vietnam

Genie (USA) is the leading manufacturer of forklifts in the world. With a history of nearly 60 years of establishment and development, Genie is constantly researching and releasing products with the most advanced technology, leading in the market. Genie products are subjected to thorough testing to meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards before being shipped.


Vietnam Rental – Tuyet Nga Company is proud to be the only representative of Genie forklift company in Vietnam. We are the pioneers to bring the first Genie forklifts to Vietnam since the early 2000s. With more than 20 years of experience in the forklift truck industry, we have a team of experienced technicians. branches and warranty centers in Hanoi – Da Nang – City. Ho Chi Minh. We have been providing equipment and services for many large domestic and international corporations in many fields such as Intel, Samsung, Foxconn, Pepsico, Aeon Mall, Vin Group, Sun Group, Coteccons, Unicons, …

hanoi Workshop

We also own a fleet of up to 1,000 equipment, a full range of scissor lifters, boom forklifts with working height from 6 to 43 meters, to meet all the needs of customers from renting. Buy a forklift, buy an old forklift, or buy a new one.



Head office – Hanoi

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