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High quality human forklift repair service in Vietnam

Human forklift is an indispensable product line in construction, they play an important role in moving people, goods and objects overhead. However, if used with a large frequency, without regular maintenance, the machine will easily fail and encounter unnecessary errors. Vietnam Rental introduces you to the current No. 1 high quality human forklift repair service.

1. Vietnam Rental – Prestigious and quality forklift sales, rental and repair unit

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Under the constant speed of development in the day of construction, the use of support tools is increasingly popular because it helps to reduce human labor, bringing in many times the efficiency, saving time and money. silver. However, if used with strong intensity, regularly and continuously but without careful maintenance and investigation, the machine will easily be damaged and cause unintentional incidents. And if you need to find a reputable, quality and affordable forklift repair address, you can not ignore the Vietnam Rental unit.


Vietnam Rental owns a staff of many years of experience in the profession along with the most modern, advanced and complete facilities, so customers are completely assured when using the service. In particular, the spare parts and components are 100% standard, say no to poor quality products, ensure the stable, smooth operation, increase the life expectancy. In addition to the forklift repair service, Vietnam Rental is also the unit directly selling and renting imported genuine people with a team of professional consultants, dedicated, thorough knowledge of the product.


Because this is a high-performance product line, choosing a quality repair unit is considered a must-do because it determines the safety of workers, avoiding unnecessary risks in the process. construction process.


2. How to limit machine failure

“The durability of people”, the human factor determines mainly the product’s longevity. If we know how to use it, we will limit many common errors when using.


2.1 Read the instructions carefully


Human forklifts are diversified in design and design, each type is designed to suit each purpose and nature of the job. So, before starting to use, users need to carefully read the instructions, how to operate as well as what to avoid.

Knowing the principle of operation, users can handle it skillfully when encountering emergency situations that arise, as well as operate the machine according to its process.


2.2 Check overview of the devices when starting to use

This is a very important job, it helps you to avoid unnecessary risks. There have been many unfortunate stories that happened because of the subjectivity of the user. Check the overview before operating, ensure that the machinery is working properly, the vehicle will not have errors when using it.

Some basic checks such as: Check the oil level in the engine, Check the hydraulic oil level, Check the coolant, Check the battery, … to make sure that the parts are maintain stability. If detecting anything unusual, it must be reported to the forklift repairer for reasonable adjustment.


2.3 Maintain the machine on time


Even though it is genuine, it can be easily damaged and faulty over a period of time, so maintenance should be done quarterly or annually at a frequency of every two years. The engine of the machine is quite complicated, so the maintenance requires a trained specialist, with high professional knowledge, to follow the set standard procedure.

Special note, the machine has not been used for three months or more, must be checked before wanting to use it again

Hopefully, the above article of Vietnam Rental will bring customers useful information in fixing forklifts.

For more information, please comment immediately to receive answers or contact hotline 1900 6553 for direct advice.

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