Which person is the best, safest and most reputable person in Vietnam? Definitely Genie forklift company with headquarters in America. Let Vietnam Rental learn about Genie’s human lifts in this article.

Who is good at renting a forklift? Please pay special attention to the quality
A man lift device is used to bring workers and tools up. Due to this feature, the forklift truck has very high demands on stability and safety. Around the world, there are many strict standards related to forklifts. American-made human forklifts such as Genie forklifts have to pass extremely strict safety checks.

If businesses hire forklifts who only care about price, they may face many disadvantages. Poor quality Chinese-sourced human lifting equipment can slow construction progress and increase labor risks. Many places that rent forklifts are too old, not checked regularly, also endanger users.

Three reasons businesses should choose good forklifts to rent are:

– Increased safety: In many cases, using scaffolding during high altitude construction is very dangerous for workers. Human forklifts can ensure absolute safety for people, goods and equipment when working at high altitudes.

– Increase work efficiency: A good forklift with the ability to quickly lift, lower, change angles, … will help optimize labor efficiency.

– Savings: Due to reducing the work load time, businesses can save a large labor fee, equipment rental fee … when using a forklift.

Who is the best person to rent a forklift on the market?
Currently in the world, the largest manufacturer of lifting equipment is Genie, based in the United States. Genie forklifts are always at the forefront of technology, with a modern design and extremely strong. It is also pioneering in meeting the most rigorous safety standards in vehicle manufacturing. Therefore, Genie forklifts are still popular all over the world.

Another advantage of renting a Genie forklift is the cost. Although the quality is very good, the rental price of a Genie forklift is not high. You can easily rent a car at an affordable cost, even buy new and used cars – depending on the needs and financial capacity of the business.

Xe nâng người genie

Genie forklift scissor – a product commonly used when there is a need to lift goods and labor vertically. Small car, convenient and extremely quiet.


Who is good at renting a forklift? The answer is definitely Genie cars …

The address of renting Genie forklifts number 1 in Vietnam
In Vietnam, Vietnam Rental is the only genuine product supplier of Genie forklifts. So if you are wondering where to rent a forklift, choose Vietnam Rental.

This is also the unit with the longest experience in the country in the field of equipment rental for lifting people. Owning a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles, serving the whole country, Vietnam Rental is a reputable and professional unit for this service.

When renting a Genie forklift at Vietnam Rental, you will be guaranteed:

– To use Genie genuine US products

– The forklift was regularly maintained, Vietnam Rental provided the technical support and responsibility for the car

– The cost of renting a car, buying old and buying new is always the most competitive in the market

– Professional care team, dedicated

– Delivery of vehicles to the construction site and guidance and absolute support

To rent the best forklift in Vietnam, contact Vietnam Rental via hotline or at the transaction office.

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