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Choose the right type of equipment to have access to a specific high-altitude work location.

The boom lift helps bring you up to your overhead work position. The boom lift is an essential device for a variety of jobs, from structural, painting and glazing to industrial maintenance, building exterior cleaning, …

A Boom lift, with hydraulic arms (boom), can move the work platform both horizontally and vertically, giving you flexible reach and considerable reach in three dimensions. . It can be much more flexible than a scissor – can only go up and down vertically.

When renting a Boom lift, one of the first questions you can consider is: How tall do I need to work? But there are other factors to consider before deciding on a particular person lift. Here are some tips when renting a Boom lift.

Select the Boom lift type

There are a number of designs for Boom lift cars to choose from. The most common are the straight telescopic boom lift and the foldable boom lift. A straight telescopic boom lift (also known as the S-Boom) is the best choice when you don’t need to move around obstacles to reach the work area. Some models reach a height of 24 meters and some are especially large (Super boom), especially up to 55 meters, they are often the right choice for projects that love High-altitude access bridges, such as those related to bridges, refineries, hangars, stadiums, and high-rise buildings.

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The boom lift is straight telescopic

The folding boom lift (also known as the folding boom lift or Z-Boom for short) has the boom levers linked together like knuckles, allowing you to Maneuver floor control overcomes obstacles or obstructions between the position of the equipment and where you need to work. However, folding boom lifts are often not able to reach the same height as telescopic boom lifts. Folded boom lifters often have a wider base surface than telescopic boom lifters, which can be up to 2.4 meters wide; so make sure your construction space can accommodate equipment.

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The boom lift is folded in shape

Review the size carefully

Of course, you need to know what height you need to work. However, you should also determine the horizontal reach you need, i.e. the horizontal distance from where the device is placed to the position you need to reach. The telescopic boom lift lists maximum working height and horizontal reach; While the folding boom lift lists maximum working height and “up and over” height, an indicator that shows maximum height when the device is in folded form. (illustration)

up And Over

Other specifications you may need to consider include the device’s height when stowed (for storage), as well as the device width and weight. Make sure the car can fit in your work area. The pressure on the floor, measured in PSI, is important for calculating whether you can safely operate the vehicle on a work surface.

Is Boom lift electric or diesel engine?

You need to know where you are planning to use the boom lift. If you’re working indoors or in confined spaces, an electric boom lift is a good option because of its low emissions. The electric boom lift is also designed to be more compact.


The electric boom lift is used for interior maintenance.

Electric forklifts can be operated outdoors, but working outdoors is better with internal combustion equipment (usually diesel). Diesel boom lifts move faster than electric vehicles and you don’t need to worry about charging.

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The powerful diesel engine boom lift is used for outdoor wall mounting.

Self-propelled forklifts or non-self-propelled vehicles?

Most boom lifts are self-propelled, that is, they can move and drive on their own. However, trailers mounted on trailers can come in handy if you need a highly portable boomlift or you need to move quickly between work positions. They can be connected to a truck and used a tow hook. Light, simple to control, they are useful for a wide range of applications, from tree-related work to painting and exterior maintenance. They are also quite compact for storage in storage. Support legs replace the counterweights of self-propelled boomlifts.

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Genie TZ-34/20 forklift – a form of self-propelled boom lift that uses other equipment such as a car to tow.

Check out the options and accessories that come with it

You need to have a thorough understanding of the environment in which you will work and what you will do. For example, say you want spotless tires to protect the floor if you work indoors. If you are working in a confined space, you may be interested in equipment with a jib boom .. Working at night or in dark conditions? You can have the work lamp mounted on the working floor.

Shelves and trays can make boom work more efficient. For plumbing and electricity, for example, a hose bracket is mounted above the boom railing to keep pipes and pipes out of the working floor. A glass tray and wall panel allow you to keep the glass or paneling outside of the working floor. For soldering, you can even get a welder on the working floor.

Rent a boom lift at Vietnam Rental

Vietnam Rental is the representative of Genie-American forklifts, the world’s largest adult forklift company with outstanding quality and durability, which has been proven over time and used by the world’s largest rental companies. used as United Rental, ….

Vietnam Rental currently provides Genie boom lifts with working height from 16m – 43m, including electric boom lift and diesel boom lift, meeting most of customers’ requirements. .

Our equipment is always maintained and maintained according to Genie standards, with a very new age, ensuring stable operation, and safety for the operator.



To rent Genie MEWPs or buy second hand, buy new equipment, contact us immediately to be assured of the equipment and quality of service and maintenance:

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