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Accessibility, working floor size and stability are the main factors to consider.

Scissor lifts (hereinafter referred to as scissor vehicles) are quite simple machines: They lift people and tools, use a scissor mechanism to increase and lower the overhead work floor, to the workplace. job. (If you don’t have direct access to where you need to work vertically, you should need a boom lift.) But choosing the right equipment to rent isn’t just a question of how high you need to work.

Here are five tips for choosing the right scissor truck for your needs.

1. Electric scissor or off-road scissor?

In general, you can classify scissor scissors into two categories: electric scissor scissor and off-road scissor.

Electric scissor trailers are mainly intended for indoor work (although they can be used outdoors), use on batteries to provide energy, thus generate no emissions. In the low working height passenger lift truck segment, they are very popular and suitable for moving on flat and hard surfaces. Some models are equipped with tires that do not stain.

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Off-road scissors typically use diesel or gasoline engines and can work in uneven, rough, or muddy terrain. They can have a working height of up to 15 meters or more and often have a larger working floor than electric scissor tractors.

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Hybrid scissors are less common, allowing you to switch modes from battery to diesel when needed.

2. How tall do you need?

Working height is the first requirement when asking for a scissor rental. Scissors 6m high to the floor are very popular because they are high enough to reach ceilings and ductwork inside buildings with 3m ceilings and will fit well through standard doors without folding the railing – something that most larger models of forklifts cannot do. The narrow width of the device makes them very maneuverable and versatile.


Scissor rickshaw 9m high is usually chosen to work around power poles and telephone lines, while the 15m – 18m type can reach very high tree tops or outside the sixth floor. For high utility work, there are even 18m to 21m scissors.

A note about height: Almost all manufacturers mention the height to the working floor, which practically gives you about 2m more when you consider worker height (height work).

3. Loading capacity and maximum number of people working on the floor

There are two things to consider when it comes to load capacity, that is floor load and the maximum number of people working on the floor. It is important to comply with the manufacturer’s standards and to ensure the safety of the operator. The total weight of people and tools on the working platform is less than the equipment load does not mean you can add another person to the working platform.

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Load capacity can vary greatly between product models. In the low working height segment, the 3m electric scissor forklift can withstand 340kg payload and can allow two people, while the 15m diesel scissor range can lift 680kg and can Up to 6 people are allowed to work on the working floor.

4. How wide do you need a working platform?

Floor sizes can make a big difference in the efficiency and safety of jobs on site. Larger floors offer better access and less equipment to move when doing the same job – but you need to make sure the unit fits in your workspace. Another option: Some scissor vehicles may be equipped with extended work platform sections, increasing worker horizontal reach.

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5. Understand your topography

If you are working on rough terrain or on steep terrain, opt for the 4-wheel drive. This option is available on many off-road scissors and even some electric scissors (Pothole guards may also be fitted – refer).

Undercarriage space is a factor to consider when choosing equipment. If you have to work on very rough terrain or go through debris, you can look for equipment with large undercarriage. This is rarely shown on online pages, so ask your device supplier for information.

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