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1. What exactly is a human forklift?

Many people are often confused and cannot distinguish many types of forklifts. Human forklift is understood as a mechanical device to help support people or equipment in the limited construction environment conditions in terms of space and height.

Human forklifts are applied and appear in many places, both indoors and outdoors, serving major jobs such as installing billboards, cleaning high-rise buildings, installing equipment in apartment buildings and buildings. buildings, … In addition, some types are also used in halls, warehouses, yards.

Depending on the nature of the work as well as the external conditions, people use different types of forklifts to achieve the best results. Join us to review some types of forklifts in the article below:

2.1 Self-propelled scissor forklift

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Self-propelled scissor forklift is a type of human forklift that helps you improve working efficiency, ensuring safety for people and objects on high. Compact, solid design, diverse loads help people be active in many situations. The vehicle has 2 options: off-road tire and non-trailing wheel.

Vehicles can serve both outdoor and indoor work, directly applied to a number of jobs such as outdoor building maintenance, roof repair, construction works, electrical systems, warehouse, inspection. goods,…

2.2 Human fork lift

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If you are in need of construction on a project that needs to reach the maximum height and reach difficult areas, the collapsible human lift is the perfect choice right now. This line of forklifts offers incredible reach, solving many headache problems for business owners.

In addition, the model design in the DC-powered machine offers quiet, quiet and quiet operation, meeting sensitive conditions inside the building.

Products are widely used in factories, warehouse workshops or appear in energy plants, billboards, …

2.3 Straight telescopic forklift (S-boom)

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Straight telescopic human lifts with high reach are widely used in lifting goods, materials in construction works, … Thanks to their large tonnage, high reach, they often solve decide jobs in buildings, apartments, …

In addition, an advantage of this product line is the safety and control system, four-wheel motion, minimizing unnecessary risks.

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