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Genie forklift rental – Buy high quality products

Coming from a fastidious market like the US, renting a Genie forklift is to hire a product that is rigorously tested to the smallest detail. Assembled by skilled craftsmen, the human forklift makes it easy for people to handle high-altitude tasks that require safety, excellent load handling capacity. Therefore, when entering the Vietnamese market, this car has received many positive feedback, rose to the top of the trend and strongly affirmed the value and quality of the product.

The Genie line of forklifts has the main signature blue color, easy to recognize. Currently, the construction conditions in Vietnam are often quite dangerous, not flat, rough, obstructing the construction process. Genie forklift rental, you will completely solve the above problem. The vehicle allows operation under all terrains and the requirements and challenges of the environment from the North or the South, whether in high mountains or rugged plains.

Who should rent a Genie forklift?

The Genie forklift provides access to high altitude work positions. Therefore, companies, construction contractors or construction contractors that require certain heights such as air conditioners, ventilation pipes, doors, cameras, … all need to find a rental address. forklift trucks. And the great choice right now is Genie.

Hiring a forklift with quality assurance not only brings safety to workers but also shortens the construction progress, avoids unnecessary arising risks and saves unnecessary costs. in use.

Genie forklift rental – Rent accordingly

Tùy vào từng tính chất công việc khác nhau và độ cao, ta cần lựa chọn các model khác nhau để đem lại hiệu quả tốt nhất trong công việc. Dưới đây Vietnam Rental giới thiệu đến Anh/Chị 2 mẫu xe Genie được sử dụng phổ biến nhất.

Scissor forklift

If you have to work in a tight space and have limited space, the Genie scissor range is definitely the right choice. Compact design, ziczac shape ensures good speed, this model allows users to operate in all terrains from flat to rough. In addition, one thing that makes this car so popular is that it uses an electric engine, so it does not generate emissions into the environment.

Z BOOM human forklift

Outdoor work requires great heights, construction contractors often choose Z BOOM models. The car has a friendly 4-wheel-drive design on all terrains, ensuring that people can move as far away as possible while still safe. This series uses a diesel engine, so the working capacity is high, moving at all angles, all forms of dangerous terrain, suitable for appearing in large sites, requiring high working intensity.

Select a reputable Genie forklift rental address

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A perfect product must go with a mindful and qualified distributor to ensure the interests of customers.
Founded in 2008, after 10 years of operation, Vietnam Rental is the only genuine representative of Genie forklifts, providing quality products with excellent safety and perfection. The best Genie car rental reaches consumers. Besides, Vietnam Rental is also a distributor of many brands from other fastidious markets like Japan, …

Currently Vietnam Rental has 3 branches in both Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang, ready to serve all your requests in all regions of the country. For any detailed information that needs answers, please contact hotline 0936.355.198 for the most thoughtful support.

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