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Equipment for working at height

Join Vietnam Rental to learn about the popular types of lifters  for working at height in Vietnam today.

Where to buy or rent a forklift when working at height?

Forklifts are equipment working at height, directly affecting the safety of workers and equipment. The working height of the forklift can sometimes be up to 50m.

One of the most famous forklift rental and sale brands today is  Vietnam Rental. This is also the oldest brand, leading in providing self-propelled lifting equipment.

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One of the reasons why Vietnam Rental is the perfect choice when you want to rent or buy a forklift is because:

The most competitive price in the country

Compared to professional services and always optimal, smooth operation of the forklift – with quality equipment from Genie – the world’s largest forklift company, the price offered by Vietnam Rental is always very competitive.

A team of rare professional technicians

Perhaps no forklift supplier in Vietnam has a team of technicians who are trained and updated in techniques and technology directly with the world’s largest forklift company, Genie. Currently, Vietnam Rental is the only genuine representative of Genie in Vietnam. Therefore, having access to Genie experts is an advantage only available at Vietnam Rental.

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High quality equipment

Vietnam Rental is a unit that owns nearly 1000 devices across the country. If you rent or buy a forklift from Vietnam Rental once, you will easily realize that its equipment always operates smoothly and is absolutely safe. To achieve this, Vietnam Rental has imported genuine Genie equipment and adhered to very strict maintenance and repair regulations as required by the company.

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Top-notch facilities and warehouses

It is rare for any forklift supplier to achieve a professional scale like Vietnam Rental. Currently, the brand owns representative offices and warehouses nationwide. As a result, all needs to rent or buy a Genie forklift from Vietnam Rental can be met in the fastest time.

So currently, which forklift company in the world is the best? Let’s find out in the next part of the article.

The world’s best working height forklift

For those who know about forklifts, surely the first name they think of is the Genie forklift. This American forklift company is considered the largest in the world, with 60 years of experience, leading in many lines of forklifts.

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This is also the company  lifter forklift  being genuine provided by Vietnam Rental.

Some of the advantages of the Genie forklift can be mentioned as:

World top quality
Leading the way in inventing, designing and manufacturing many of the world’s most popular forklifts today
Reasonable price for the quality
Powerful performance, helping to perform all jobs very quickly and safely
Meets international standards for installation and safety
Easy to operate, optimal for use and control
Genie forklifts at Vietnam Rental have three main lines: Genie scissors, S-Booms forklifts and Z-Booms forklifts.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right Genie forklift for your business. Please contact  Vietnam Rental  to get the best price for renting or buying used or new Genie forklifts.

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