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1. Ways to identify in buying and selling genuine people forklifts

With the increasing market demand, many people find places to buy and sell forklifts. However, if you do not know how to choose, it will be easy to buy poor-quality goods, causing unnecessary risks. Below we offer a few ways for you to choose the best genuine forklifts on the market.


1.1 Select genuine human forklift – Check the equipment’s manufacturing year and used hours.

If you are buying and selling a brand new forklift, you may not need to consider this step. However, if you decide to buy a used one to save on capital costs, this can be seen as an important first step. This assesses the condition of the vehicle, the deeper it is, the more it loses its value.

There are many people who realize this through the car’s label, which is quite reckless and dangerous because car labels are easy to renew and replace. One way is to check the parameters on the oil line or other accessories because these parameters are almost impossible to repair. Ropes and parts are usually made less than one year before the vehicle’s manufacturing year, so it is possible to predict the year the vehicle was manufactured.

1.2 Carefully examine the outside appearance

Become a fastidious person when buying and selling forklifts by carefully checking the external characteristics: welds, fixes, cuts, modifications, … Usually, genuine human forklift products , welds are usually solid and beautiful, completely different from defective, fake, poor quality products.

Next check the inside of the machine like checking the electrical system and the hydraulic system. The control systems remain the same, not be replaced or repaired. Along with that, the layout and design is reasonable, works well. If you find something unusual, ask the seller carefully to make sure the product you buy is good on the market.

1.3 Spare parts for the car

One thing buyers and sellers of genuine forklifts should keep in mind is to check that the car’s accessories are still in production and can be bought on the market. For those who buy used car models, the breakdown can happen at any time and if it is impossible to find spare parts for the machine, when there is a technical fault, it is very difficult for the machine to continue working.

Some parts in the human forklift such as hydraulic system, moving engine parts, control buttons, …

2. Find a nationwide address for buying and selling forklifts

Before choosing to buy and sell forklifts, you should find out the genuine product distribution units to make the most accurate decision. And not far away, Vietnam Rental is definitely the perfect choice right now.

Starting to appear in the Vietnamese market since 1995, until now, Vietnam Rental is the first name when talking about a genuine forklift. The use of genuine products at reasonable prices helps construction contractors to finish the job better, bring the right solution, save time, human resources as well as ensure safety. for workers, avoid unnecessary risks.

In addition, Vietnam Rental accompanies 24/24 clients, with a team of consultants with extensive knowledge, experience and inherent enthusiasm, to advise customers on suitable products for each nature of the work, brings high quality service and companion throughout the process of using.

Finally, customers can try it out before buying. If you are still wondering about the product, you can absolutely try the product before making a buying decision to have the most authentic experience and grasp of this line of forklifts.

For more information, please comment immediately to receive answers or contact hotline 1900 6553 for direct advice.

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